Service Name: Services::REPOSITORY

The repository service must either implement RepositoryInterface directly or extend AbstractRepository, which provides some convenient boilerplate functionality.

The Repository Provider` must also provide the Services::REPOSITORY_FILESYSTEM and :php:const`Services::MIGRATION_FACTORY` services.

The default implementation for this service is DirectoryRepository. And unless you need to load migrations for another source other than the filesystem, or from multiple folders at a time, the default implementation should cover the needs of most migration libraries.

Repository Filesystem


This service must be a instance of League\Flysystem\FilesystemInterface and is used both to load the migrations and also to create them (the latter with the migrations:create command). Its root must therefore point to the folder where those migrations will be located.

By default the repository’s folder can be customized by end-users by using the configuration option “”.

Migration Factory

Service Name: Services::MIGRATION_FACTORY

This service must implement FactoryInterface. It’s used to instantiate all migrations that are loaded by the repository, which is useful for example if the migration class needs certain dependencies to be injected.

The default implementation used for this service is SimpleFactory.